Teen Saturdays at ACCF

Teen Saturdays at ACCF
Posted on 01/29/2021

In an effort to provide some semblance of ‘normal’, Achievement Centers is opening our facility on Saturdays from 4-8pm to provide a safe space for high school youth to come and enjoy.  There is absolutely no fee to participate.  All that is required is a completed registration packet.  That’s it.  Some activities available will include:


  • Open gym
  • Art Room (stocked with free supplies) to work on art
  • Game Room (complete with pool table-already set up; Ping Pong Table-already set up; Air Hockey Table-still to be delivered)
  • Video Game Room (PS4 with accessories and a multitude of games)
  • Onsite Snack shop (to purchase snacks)
  • Recording Studio (once we have teen staff properly trained to operate)


We also have opportunity for high school youth to earn a little money and community service hours at the same time.  High school youth will be running the various departments in the center.  If you know any teens who would be interested in learning and applying employability skills, please let me know.  We are offering a $100/month incentive (about 8 hours/month) plus community service hours for working in the program on Saturdays.  Any of you are also welcome at any time with any of your kids to enjoy the activities as well!  We will follow our health and safety guidelines, but we are excited about this opportunity to provide this for high school youth in our community. 

Teen Saturdays Flyer
Download the Registration Packet: Teen Saturdays Registration Packet.pdf