Medical Academy course info

- 3-4 year medical science academy
- HS-1 (A&P), HS-2, EMR-3 & EKG-4. (students are not allowed to "double-up")
- Drug test($25 student cost) and background check (District pays for) required for 3rd  & 4th yr. (per district for clinical hour requirement)
- Clinical hour requirement of 75 hrs for 3rd & 4th yr., *In the past IB has accepted these hours
- Uniforms: Scrubs for 1st and 2nd year ($24 student cost) Pants and Polo 3rd & 4th year ($48 student cost)
- Certifications offered: AHA CPR ($12 2nd yr.), EMR, CMAA EKG-Tech & EKG- Aide (IB Only), CPCT. *Possibly EMT in the near future
- Medical academy diploma after 3rd year, Graduation Sash for completing 4th year